Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Once I was a mouse
In a rich house
Life was a party
Full of cheese
I thought the party would go for ever
But there was this cat
Those cats.....
What do they know about cheese?

Once I was a frog
In a big swamp in France
Life was fat
As a bunch of flies
I thought I was a prince
But they caught me and ate my legs
Those Frenchies.....
What do they know about flies?

Once I was a chameleon
In a bush
Life was colourful
As a rainbow
I thought I would live to be a hundred
But there was this bushfire
Those bushfires.....
What do they know about colours?

Once I was a fish
In a big Lake
Life was vast
As the big blue sky
I thought one day I would swim across the sky
But there was this kingfisher
Those kingfishers.....
What do they know about the sky?

Once I was a boy
In an island
Made of emerald
And I loved a girl
With beautiful eyes
Made of emerald
Life was a flawing dream
Full of joy
I thought I would never wake up
But I did ...........

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